About Us

About Us

Plan, create and grow

Our love for the company began in 2009. Until that point we simply loved our work, developing and marketing. We've combined these into something new, a company where the focus is'nt just on coding.

The biggest strength of Realic is augmented reality. We’ve been working on this technology since 2009 and not bored with it yet.


We help you from the brainstorm to the right device and platform selection to the entire testing process, thanks to our large collection of tools. The completeness of the products and, consequently, their effectiveness on the market.
wholeness and, as a consequence, an effectiveness of our products on the market.

From design to construction.


We make data-centric decisions about UX while innovating every way. From mobile to tablets to full wall projection, our digital creations are designed to impact any screen size.

  • art direction
  • user experience
  • user interface
  • web design
  • interactive


One platform or more? Phone or desktop app? We recommend the most effective solutions while paying special attention to the code quality.

  • digital strategy
  • brand strategy
  • prototyping
  • content creation
  • project management


Entertainment, fun, raising awareness, education, marketing, therapy, etc. The possibilities are not just infinite, but are very much untapped. We will help inspire you to find the VR solution that will specifically satisfy your needs.

  • Google Cardboard
  • Samsung GearVR
  • Oculus
  • Vive
  • Google Daydream


We develop for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Most of our clients order promotional apps from us, so over the years we have streamlined a solid routine for this type of project.

  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Android
  • IOS


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  • SEO
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Marketing & Paid Media
  • Creative & Photography
  • Social Media Content

What people are saying about us

In the first round, I would like to thank the work of co-operation was smooth,it was great to work with you, we have learned during the project, and we are satisfied with the outcome as well.

NNG Kristof Kalman

I have not had the opportunity to thank you for your work, so I’ll do it. I’m satisfied. Special thanks to almost 99% was available when you SOS help we needed.

HVG Istvan Dorko
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Proudly served some of the most famous brands.

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